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NEW: Verifiable back flow preventer EA/EC

Pressure fluctuations in distribution circuits can cause a reversal of the flow direction and lead to backflow or back suction of water into the water supply network. Installed in the water distribution systems between the supply network and the dispense point, the backflow preventer automatically closes at low-pressure, thus reliably preventing back suction.

The series 49.0xx.x26, verifiable check valves, types EA and EC, is developed according to the performance requirements of DIN EN 13959 and are confirmed by an accredited laboratory. These are suitable, according to DIN EN 1717, for securing devices using category 1 and 2 liquids (according to WRAS the EC type is also applicable to fluid category 3).

Therefore, the backflow preventer acts as a safety device against backflow or back suction of water into the water supply network, installed upstream to devices such as coffee or juice machines, commercial cooking equipment or water line bound cooling systems in industrial equipment.

The inspection openings provided before each backflow preventer unit, allow a regular monitoring of the safe functioning of the component.



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